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EPISODE 328: A super cute asian-american is welcomed as our next girl. We summoned assistance to ensure that our little model gets all the attention. Our sexy stylist gets on fire after sparks in the form of kisses and nipple playing occur and it doesn’t take long before she jumps over her cute prey. She teases and plays like a cat with her newly discovered mouse. But when mouse is given toys well that’s when tables turn and damn how fast she drives that pussy to orgasm! ***Enjoy!***

[  1 hour 25 minutes]




  • 21-year-old Model / Brunette
  • 30-year-old Model / Brunette
  • Modeling Audition/ Lingerie Modeling
  • Lesbian Pussy Licking
  • Lesbian Strap-on Fucking
  • Multiple Lesbian Orgasms


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