CAROLINA Modeling Audition

One of the most exciting aspect of our profession is to discover fresh new faces. When we received a phone call from Carolina, 20, who was inquiring about the possibility of becoming a Model, we had no idea what she looked like. Of course we receive several calls a day from young aspiring Models, but only 1 or 2 girls per week are cute enough to “make the cut”. How do we do it? Simple. We ask the interested Model to email us 5 pictures of herself. We usually prefer selfies over professionally done stills. Carolina did just that. And we were stunned! How cute is this girl? There is literally no words for it. The only thing we can think of is… “Super Cute”. And so it begins. Carolina is invited to our studio for a Modeling Audition. She is nervous, but slowly gets comfortable with our Producer. She seems at home doing poses after poses. This could be huge! We start thinking about all the agencies we can submit her to, and all the TEEN magazines and publications. Carolina is a Hit! She is a Star in the making! But was she expecting to get fucked at her very first Modeling Audition?

[ 1 hour 28 minutes ]


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