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EPISODE 329: Baby girl gets woken up by “Daddy” not to be late for her cheerleading practice. She is afraid in her spinner position that other girls are better. Supportive and caring he tells she is talented, looks amazing and some things just take time. Slowly massaged, getting more relaxed, she opens herself and talks about her crush on a really pretty colleague also a flyer. He practicly shows how can she can approach this cutie. He slowly slipps his finger into her mouth feeling her sensual lips and soft delicate tongue. He gently travels down to find her teen pussy wet. Now, she is so horny, she wants to cum! She cums so hard a few times then he lets her taste pussy cum from his fingers. SO SWEET! YUM !!!

[  55 minutes]




  • 18-year-old Model / Blonde
  • Lingerie Modeling
  • Pussy Fingering / Multiple Orgasms
  • Female Masturbation / Toys

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