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EPISODE 325: We are delighted to see how the girls undress their inhibitions slowly and full of sexuality. So we arrange this meeting between our new cute model and our hot blonde stylist ready to express her experience. With such a sexy assistant, the atmosphere heats up filled with kisses and subtle touches, melting this blonde’s shyness hidden behind her sweet smile. It’s brilliant to see how they slowly raise their arousal levels and how they fuck each other like only girls can. ***Don’t miss it!*** It’s a pity..

[  1 hour 41 minutes]




  • 20-year-old Model / Blonde
  • 19-year-old Model / Blonde
  • Modeling Audition/ Lingerie Modeling
  • Lesbian Pussy Licking
  • Lesbian Strap-on Fucking (mutual)
  • Multiple Lesbian Orgasms


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